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GA3 Gibberellic Acid Seed Germination and Plant Growth Hormone Kit

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GA3 Gibberellic Acid Seed Germination and Plant Growth Hormone Kit

This handy boxed kit contains
3 x Capsules of 80 mg 90% Gibberellic Acid
1 x 5ml Isopropyl Alcohol
1 x pipette

Gibberellic Acid is a naturally occurring hormone extracted from the fungus Gibberella Fujikuroi.

It is useful for helping difficult seeds to germinate and as a growth agent for increasing plant growth and yields.

Powdered Gibberellic Acid is not soluble in water easily; add a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the powdered GA3 with the pipette. Once dissolved the solution can be mixed properly in water. Once mixed, use within one week. GA3 breaks down quickly in solution, stored as dry powder will retain viability for up to 3 years.

Each 80mg solution of 90% GA3 will dilute to, or equivalent to mixtures of 500 ppm in 250 ml of water. Use on difficult or seeds with deep dormancy, generally seeds that require several months of cold stratification before they will germinate.

250 ppm in 500 ml of water - Use on seeds that are difficult or slow to germinate. Soak seeds for at least 24 hours, no longer than 72 hours. small seeds can be wrapped in filter paper (coffee filter papers are ideal!) so they don’t get lost.

Seeds with a tough seed coat may need to be scarified or chipped to allow the solution to penetrate the seed. Do not use on easy to germinate seeds, although initial rapid growth may occur, it often causes seedlings to fail and die.

Used to promote flowering, concentrations of GA3 at around 50 to 200 ppm can induce male flowers, concentrations of around 200 - 300 ppm can induce female flowers on well developed plants. Very low concentrations, around 10 to 20 ppm, can have a dramatic effect on general plant growth. Higher concentrations may have the opposite effect.  In low concentrations it can also be used to promote better and larger fruiting when applied on newly formed fruiting buds, but fruits will often not form seeds as a result.