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Tropical Plant Seeds

Plants in this category are mostly found growing in tropical regions, typically frost tender, they will need some protection from winter cold, though some can take frosts, or cool winters.

Tropical Plant Seeds
Sinningia Eumorpha - 50 Seeds - Caudex Succulent

Sinningia Eumorpha SeedsCaudex Succulent50 SeedsThis very unusual epiphytic plant from the rain fore..


Coffea Arabica - 10 Seeds - Coffee Bean Plant

Coffea Arabica - Coffee Bean Plant10 SeedsGrow Your Own Coffee!'Coffea Arabica' coffee plant is orig..


Antigonon Leptopus - 20 Seeds - Mexican Creeper / Coral Vine

Antigonon Leptopus - Mexican Creeper / Coral Vine20 SeedsAntigonon Leptopus is a native to Mexico, c..


Heliconia Platystachys 'Sexy Orange' - 6 Seeds - Tropical Wonder

Heliconia platystachys 'Sexy Orange'6 SeedsHelconia Platystachys is a native to Costa Rica and Colom..


Tacca Chantrieri - 10 Seeds - Bat Plant

Tacca Chantrieri Seeds - Bat Plant / Cats Whiskers Flower10 SeedsThis very unusual plant from South ..


Solanum Mammosum - 10 Seeds - Nipple / Titty Fruit - Cows Udder

Solanum Mammosum - Nipple Fruit / Cows Udder10 SeedsThis truly bizarre plant is a native of South Am..


Morinda Citrifolia - 50 Seeds - Indian Mulberry - Noni - Cheese Fruit

Morinda CitrifoliaIndian mulberry  or Noni or Cheese Fruit50 SeedsMorinda citrifolia is native ..


Canna Indica - 50 Seeds - 'Red' Flowered Banana Foliage

Canna Indica - 'Red' Banana type Foliage50 SeedsA handsome plant from tropical and subtropical South..


Strelitzia Nicolai - 10 Seeds - White Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia Nicolai - White Bird of Paradise Flower10 SeedsThe extraordinary looking flowers of the w..


Sinningia Lineata - 50 Seeds - South American Caudex Succulent

Sinningia Lineata50 SeedsNative to Brazil, this sinningia can reach a height of 40cm and has truly s..


Heliconia Riopalenquensis Seeds - Tropical Wow Flowers!

Heliconia Riopalenquensis6 SeedsThis showy Heliconia, native to Ecuador, produces bright red bracts ..


Heliconia Pendula - Seeds - South American Tropical Flowers

Heliconia Pendula5 SeedsThis moderately sized species is a native to Guyana, grows with its waxy gre..


Averrhoa Carambola - 6 Seeds - Fresh Tropical Star Fruit Seeds

Averrhoa Carambola - Star Fruit6 SeedsAverrhoa Carambola is an evergreen tree native to Southeast As..


Heliconia Latispatha 'Orange Gyro' - Seeds - South American Tropical Flowers

Heliconia Latispatha 'Orange Gyro'6 SeedsHeliconia Latispatha is a native to Central and South Ameri..


Merwilla Plumbea - 10 Seeds - Scilla South African Hyacinthe relative

Merwilla Plumbea -  (Scilla)South African Hyacinthe relative10 SeedsMerwilla plumbea is a bulb ..


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