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Architectural Plant Seeds

Plants with big, bold or striking foliage. Make a statement with these!

Architectural Plant Seeds
Hedychium Coccineum - 10 Seeds - Orange or Scarlet Gingerlily

Hedychium Coccineum - Orange or Scarlet Gingerlily10 SeedsHedychium Coccineum, known as the Orange o..


Gunnera Manicata - 50 Seeds - Fantastic Rhubarb Foliage Gunnera Manicata - 50 Seeds - Fantastic Rhubarb Foliage

Gunnera Manicata50 SeedsNative to the mountains of south east Brazil this spectacular foliage plant ..


Phormium Tenax Variegata - 25 Seeds - Variegated New Zealand Flax

Phormium Tenax Variegatum - New Zealand Flax25 SeedsA clump forming perennial native to New Zealand ..


Ensete Ventricosum - 10 Seeds - Ethiopian or Abyssinian Banana

Ensete Ventricosum - Ethiopian or Abyssinian Banana10 SeedsEnsete ventricosum, the Ethiopian or Abys..


Desmanthus Illinoensis - 100 Seeds - Prairie Mimosa

 Desmanthus Illinoensis - Prairie Mimosa100 SeedsDesmanthus illinoensis, or prairie mimosa is a..


Euphorbia Marginata Summer Icicle - 30 Seeds

Euphorbia Marginata 'Summer Icicle'30 SeedsThis dwarf leafy Euphorbia grows to around 50cm in height..


Musa Itinerans 'Burmese Blue' - 10 Seeds - Cold Hardy Yunnan Banana

Musa Itinerans 'Burmese Blue' - Cold Hardy Yunnan Banana10 SeedsNative to northern Thailand, this sh..


Fatsia Japonica - 50 Seeds - Japanese Aralia

Fatsia Japonica - Japanese Aralia50 SeedsNative to southern Japan, it is an evergreen shrub growing ..


Echinops Sphaerocephalus - 40 Seeds - Great Globe Thistle

Echinops Sphaerocephalus - Great globe thistle40 SeedsEchinops Sphaerocephalus is a vigorous growing..


Ensete Glaucum - 10 Seeds - Snow Banana - Musa

Ensete Glaucum - Snow Banana10 SeedsEnsete Glaucum, known as the Snow Banana, though previously clas..


Naranjilla - Solanum Quitoense - 25 Seeds Naranjilla - Solanum Quitoense - 25 Seeds

NaranjillaSolanum Quitoense25 SeedsSolanum Quitoense, known as naranjilla (‘little orange’ - though ..


Agave Horrida Perotensis - 10 Seeds - Spiky Leaves Mexican Succulent

Agave Horrida Perotensis10 SeedsThis species of Agave, Native to Mexico, has a single rosette of thi..


Artichoke Green Globe - 40 Seeds - Cynara Cardunculus

Artichoke Green GlobeCynara Cardunculus40 SeedsArtichokes are a gourmet vegetable due to the delicat..


Heliconia Curtispatha Seeds - South American Tropical Unusual Flowers!

Heliconia Curtispatha5 SeedsThis Heliconia is a native to Central and South America, from Hoduras to..


Agave Filifera - 10 Seeds - Thread Leaf Agave Hardy

Agave Filifera - Thread Leaf Agave10 SeedsAgave Filifera is a succulent, native to Central Mexico. R..


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