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Succulent Seeds

Succulents are a large group of plants typically with fleshy leaves, that help store water for the plants. Like Cacti and Pachycauls, many have distinct wet growing and dry dormant seasons.

Succulent Seeds
Vanheerdea Divergens - 100 Seeds - South African Mesembryanthemum Succulent

Vanheerdea Divergens - Mesembryanthemum Succulent100  SeedsNative to South Africa, this perenni..


Carpobrotus Rossii - 50 Seeds - Australian Succulent Ice Plant / Pigface Mesemb

Carpobrotus RossiiAustralian Succulent Ice Plant / Pigface Mesemb50 SeedsCarpobrotus Rossii is a suc..


Dasylirion Texanum - 10 Seeds - Sotol

Dasylirion Texanum - Sotol Succulent Shrub10 seedsDasylirion Texanum is a Mexican evergreen shrub, w..


Aloe Ramosissima - 10 Seeds - Maidens Quiver Tree

Aloe Ramosissima - Succulent - Maidens Quiver Tree10 SeedsAloe Ramosissima, a large tree Aloe, is na..


Agave Kerchovei - 10 Seeds - Century Plant - Maguey Agave

Agave Kerchovei - Maguey Agave10 SeedsA native to Mexico, this agave’s leaves are edged with sharp s..


Agave Marmorata - 50 Seeds - Century Plant - Maguey tepeztate

Agave Marmorata50 SeedsNative to Mexico, Agave Marmorata is named for the grey, marble-like zones th..


Adansonia Madagascariensis - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Baobab Tree

Adansonia Madagascariensis - Baobab Tree - Excellent Bonsai!!5 SeedsThis Madagascan tree, also known..


Schizobasis Intricata Seeds - Caudex Forming Succulent

Schizobasis Intricata10 SeedsSchizobasis Intricata is a native to the southern and eastern regions o..


Aloe Variegata - 10 Seeds - Tiger Aloe Succulent

Aloe Variegata - Tiger Aloe Succulent10 SeedsA native of southern Africa, Tiger Aloe grows to around..


Lachenalia Elegens v Elegens - 10 Seeds - Cape Hyacinth

Lachenalia Elegens v Elegens - Cape Hyacinth10 SeedsLachenalia Elegens v Elegens is a bulb forming n..


Aloinopsis Malherbei - 50 Seeds - Giant Jewel plant Mesembryanthemum

Aloinopsis Malherbei - Giant Jewel plant Mesembryanthemum50  SeedsAloinopsis Malherbei is a per..


Pachypodium Meridionale Seeds - Madagascar succulent Pachypodium Meridionale Seeds - Madagascar succulent

Pachypodium Meridionale - Madagascar succulent8 SeedsThese truly original succulents comes from the ..


Euphorbia Canariensis Seeds - Canary Islands Succulent

Euphorbia CanariensisCanary Island Succulent10 SeedsA large clump forming succulent native to the Ca..


Crassula Columnaris - 25 Seeds - Buddha's Temple South African Succulent

Crassula ColumnarisBuddha's Temple - South African Succulent25 SeedsCrassula columnaris is a succule..


Aloe Microstigma - 10 Seeds - African Succulent

Aloe Microstigma - Succulent10 SeedsAloe Microstigma is probably one of the best flowering Aloes. a ..


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